Apple is frustrating its users

I’ve had and iPhone since the 3GS, updated to the 4S and I put off upgrading despite the 4S battery ending up near useless until the 6 arrived. I’d already decided to consider an Android phone but depending on the 6 I might have stayed with Apple.

Turns out it wasn’t just the specs on the 6 that made me leave, it was iOS 8 as well with apple insisting on not updating their base model capacities from 16Gb to 32Gb. Instead on all their latest updates including the new iPads they have stuck with 16Gb and completely done away with 32Gb. Any iOS 8 user with a 16Gb device will tell you how infuriating it is. Having to delete apps and media off your device is not ideal. Combined with baiting customers into their higher end/capacity models with higher profit margins.

So although I was first looking at the HTC One M8, I’ve ended up going with the LG G3. This phone and Android are fantastic, and at half the price of the 6+. Android is all I’m looking at in the future, I’m even considering selling my iPad mini to buy an Android tablet.

One thing I can say against the LG G3 is like Samsung the plastic construction needs to go. So for new users to Android I would suggest the HTC for sure. I might even say that if I had the choice again I would go with the HTC but I would find it hard to give up that .5″ of screen. 5.5″ just hits the sweet spot for me.